Chinese Market in India - MOBILE, Software, Other Sectors

Since the dispute of border between India and China has now led many Indian citizens for the demand to boycott Chinese products and China-based companies in the India market.

Some of the top and popular sectors in which Chinese company has invested in Indian market:


  1. Xiaomi (MI)

  2. OPPO

  3. VIVO

  4. OnePlus

  5. Huawei

  6. Coolpad

  7. Motorola

  8. Lenovo


  1. UC Browser

  2. Tik Tok

  3. Vigo Video

  4. News Republic

  5. Pubg

  6. WeChat

  7. Whatsapp call

  8. ZTE

Other Sectors

  1. Haier

  2. Volvo

  3. MG motors

  4. Nippon paint

  5. Beijing Automotive

  6. WISCO (I) P. Ltd.

According to a report of FICCI the Chinese have invested in the following Indian sectors:-

  1. Service (4%)

  2. Construction (5%)

  3. Power (7%)

  4. Metallurgical Industry (17%)

  5. Automobile Industry (40%)

China sends only 3% of its total exports to India whereas India sends 8% of its total exports to China.

India, China trade declines by 12.4 per cent in the first two months of this year amid coronavirus outbreak:

From January to February, China's exports to India were 67.1 billion yuan (USD 9.5 billion), down 12.6 per cent on a yearly basis and imports from India dropped 11.6 per cent to 18 billion yuan (USD 2.5 billion), the state-run Global Times reported on Friday. Bilateral trade fell by 12.4 per cent to 85.17 billion yuan (USD 12 billion) in the first two months, the report quoted Chinese Customs data.

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