Updated: May 20

India is a vast country. There are more than six major religions in India. Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity are followed by a major population of our country. According to 2011 census , about 80% population follows Hinduism, 15% follows Islam and 5% follows other religions.

India follows secularism, but this unbalanced percentage really affects the mindset of people who are living here. People who follow Hinduism are majority and this affects their behavior towards the minorities. Some of them even try to harass them and at the end of the day, Fundamental Rights of minorities gets violated. This exploitation of minorities forces them feel that they aren’t part of the nation and such acts change their perspective towards the nation. It mentally destroys them and pushes them into trench of terrorism. Such kind of internal discrimination between the citizens of a country actually derails the nation from the path of development. Countries like America and china doesn’t give so much attention to the religion and hence they are ahead of us in all fields. Therefore we should stop focusing on castes and religions and this is the only way India could become a superpower.

So, at the end of my part, I would leave you all with this very important question , “ Is religion a curse for India ?” Ask Yourself!!

Shlok Kumar Pandey

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