Why Kuwait Forcing Indians to Leave - Report

1. Indian community is the largest expat community in Kuwait, in numbers it is 1.45 million

2. Since the beginning of COVID 19 pandemic anti-expat rhetoric has started.

3. During the coronavirus epidemic, fall in oil prices may be caused to leave the country.

4. Kuwait Legal and Legislative Committee has approved the draft expat quota bill

5. In this bill, Indians will not exceed 15% of the Kuwait population.

6. According to the Indian embassy in Kuwait, there are about 28,000 Indians working for the Kuwaiti Government in various jobs like nurses, engineers in national oil companies and a few as scientists. The majority of Indians (5.23 Lakh) are deployed in private sectors. In addition, there are about 1.16 lakh dependents. Out of these, there are about 60,000 Indian students studying in 23 Indian schools in the country. Indian Express

7. The move comes a month after Kuwait’s prime minister had said that the country’s expatriate population should be reduced from 70 to 30 per cent of the total.

8. Over 8 lakh Indians could be forced out of Kuwait if a new bill on expats is enacted into law, the Gulf News reported.

9. Eight Lakh Indians May Have To Leave As Kuwait Approves A Draft Expat Quota Bill: Report

10. Kuwait’s new expat bill: This many Indians will be forced to return home if it passed.


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