Rule Of Article Submission

Think you are a writer. Yes, you can indeed be an article writer at just follow these rule of writing at

We welcome you if you have a unique article or writing skill. Yes, as you know there are many more websites that are offered to write an article but all needs a fresh and unique content same “Law Epic” needs such type content and article.

If you have article then follow these Rule Of Article Submission – RAS

1. We want your article on law topics, law notes, social issues and law, law research, and anything on legal topics.

2. The article you submitting to us not published on another website before.

3. The article you submitting to us is written by you and not copied from another website. But you can use any quote, statistics, and figures from another source.

4. If you use any quotes/statistics and figures, legal terms, bookish, or any data from another website then please mention the source and URL and references.

5. The work submitted shall be original and unpublished. We do not accept plagiarised article if we found your article is plagiarised more then 20% we will not publish your article and last decision will be taken by “Law Epic”

6. If you copy data from another website then you are responsible for copyright. Law Epic is not responsible for such type of activity.

7. We don’t have any word limit but the minimum is 500 words.

8. We accept both Hindi and English articles. If you’re going to choose Hindi please Conform At first then start writing.

9. Once we get your article we will check and review it then we publish it. If we found your article is according to our Rule Of Article Submission. The last decision will be taken by “Law Epic”

10. The article you are submitting must be in text file (.DOC .Ms word file .text file ) we don't accept .PDF file

12. On submitting your article it becomes the intellectual property of “ Law Epic” after submitting “Law Epic” has the right to edit, delete, and remove your article full or small part of it.

13. We will set you as a writer when you give us a minimum of four articles per month otherwise we will mention your name in the post title.

14. If you don't give four articles in one month we will remove you from the writer and only mention your name in the article.

15. Co-Authorship is allowed to a maximum of two authors. Authors must be a member of Law Epic you Can Be Member here

16. The submission e-mail must contain the following: Name of the author(s), Designation, Email Id, Phone Number, Institute, Programme Enrolled, and Year of Study.
All submissions must be mailed at with the subject line “Blog/Article

To submit your article please click here and follow the step.

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